The Storm Events

Life Expo 2023 "Savage Soul"


Life Expo 2023 “Savage Soul


The Storm Events


Luxembourg city center and train station


2 Digital backpacks
1 Cargo bike
1 Mobile display
1 interactive game
Distribution of leaflets and lollipops
3 hosts/hostesses


Maximizing participation in LIFE EXPO 2023

The organizers of LIFE EXPO 2023 wanted to raise public awareness of the event, which took place on May 12, 13 and 14, 2023 at Luxexpo The Box, and give away entry tickets and drinks. The ultimate goal is to optimize the event’s participation rate.

To relay the interactive game in the “field”, i.e. in the city center, we needed a medium that was both digital and mobile. The digital backpack was an obvious choice!

LIFE EXPO provided us with the promotional video that was to be shown on our screens, and for our part we designed an interactive game whose objective was to digitally scratch off a card that revealed the eventual prize.

How? Simply scan the QR code on the video with your smartphone and fill in the associated registration form. The winners were presented with their ticket (admission or drink) by our hosts and hostesses on site.

And to create even more visibility and excitement around the action, we combined other street marketing media adapted for the action:
Mobile display: to maximize the visibility of the advertising message and also relay the interactive game via a QR Code.
Customized scooter In the end, the operation was a great success and 150 winning tickets were registered at the event with the data collected useful associates to follow up with participants just before the event via a newsletter.At CD PUB, we offer you more than fifteen interactive digital games such as quizzes, polls and personality tests, as well as arcade games, puzzle games, competitions and instant win games such as scratch cards and the famous “Wheel of Fortune”.All our games can be customized with your brand’s colors (logo, graphic charter, etc.).

Interactive and original communication!