21 May 2024 benjamin


A successful street marketing operation requires careful planning and creative execution. We support you to define the process best suited to your project depending on the context of the operation.
1. Know your target audience : understand your target audience before designing your operation. Messages and activities should be tailored to the interests, needs and behaviors of your audience.
2. Choose a strategic location : select a location where your target audience is likely to be present. This could be a busy neighborhood, a local event, a popular shopping area, etc. The location should match your marketing objective. Weather constraints must also be taken into account.
3. Develop a creative concept : Design a creative concept that captures attention and sparks interest. Whether through the use of mascots, DOOH devices, performances or other visual elements, make sure your concept is memorable.

4. Integrate Social Media : Use social media to amplify your operation. Encourage participants to share photos, videos or their experiences online. Create a dedicated hashtag to boost visibility on social media.

5. Engage the audience : Encourage direct interaction with the audience. Whether through games, interactive demonstrations, tastings, or other activities, make sure people are actively involved in the operation.

6. Offer samples or perks : If possible, offer free samples, special discounts or other perks to entice people to stop and participate. Incentives can generate interest and drive conversion.

7. Collect data : “you don’t give anything for nothing…”. As soon as you offer participants a reward or gift, do not hesitate to collect data from prospects, which is very useful for better understanding their needs and desires.

8. Ensure clear brand visibility : Ensure that the brand is clearly visible throughout the operation. Use consistent logos, brand colors and messaging to build brand recognition.

9. Measure results : Set key performance indicators (KPIs) before the operation so you can measure its success. This can include number of attendees, social media interactions, sales generated, etc.

10. Evaluate and adjust : After the operation, evaluate the results and identify what worked and what could be improved. Use these lessons to refine your future street marketing operations.

By following these tips and remaining creative and flexible, you increase your chances of having a successful street marketing operation that leaves a positive impression on your target audience.

If you too would like to take full advantage of this advertising strategy and benefit from in-depth expertise and professional execution, let us know!


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.