Ball or Money machine
Engage and entertain the target audience!

Do you know the ball or ticket machine? This is simply one of the best interactive street marketing tools that we offer for rental. Once you enter the cube, the countdown begins and it’s up to you!

The integrated blower then spins foam balls or banknotes around you which you will have to catch and place in the urn in front of you.

You then find yourself at the center of a real tornado… hence the name TWISTER .

Goal of the game ? Collect as many balls as possible during the allotted time which earn points or for example the golden ticket(s) in the case of a machine with tickets.

The advantage of this attraction is that it comes with rules of the game previously defined with our customers, which makes the concept even more fun and attractive.

For example, in the case of foam balls, it will be wise to award points according to the colors of the balls and if they are tickets we can imagine recovering the maximum number of golden tickets. The aim is to establish a ranking of participants according to their score, which has the advantage of collecting their contact details for a possible award of prizes later in time. And if you want to receive your winnings on the day, it will be possible to award prizes by level of points collected. Data collection helps you to better understand your customers and carry out commercial follow-ups.

You will have understood that the Twister does not go unnoticed! And its primary purpose is to generate traffic … Indeed, due to its originality it attracts the attention of people who constantly take photos of it and who do not hesitate to join the looooong queue to try their luck . This gives you every opportunity to capture the attention of your audience and showcase your products/services.

The Twister is ideal for brand activations, trade shows/exhibitions, corporate events, family fun days, promotional events…

We also take care of personalization, an essential step in associating your brand with the Twister and conveying the image of a modern and dynamic company . Your brand will be remembered more easily and for longer because you will provide a special and memorable experience to the targeted audience.

Brand image

You will convey the image of a dynamic and up-to-date company . The Twister will be easily associated with your brand thanks to its large customization surface visible from afar !

Data collect

The principle of best score/ranking makes our boules machine a real marketing tool, since participants must leave their contact details to collect their possible winning(s).

Engagement rate ++

It is THE essential MEDIUM to attract attention and engage your audience in any scenario or context. It will be very easy to engage people who are watching or waiting to play.


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.