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“Marketing touchpoints” represent the interactions between your brand and the public with the aim of delivering advertising or commercial messages, manifested through various channels such as social networks, blog, brochures, print or digital advertisements, website , exhibitions, stores and offices. These points are where audiences and customers come into visual, auditory and tactile contact with your brand, product or service.

In the digital age and new technologies, today’s consumers are  in perpetual search of new and captivating experiences . To respond to these new challenges, brands must undertake a complete overhaul of their approaches and strategies to offer their customers  ever more innovative and creative experiences .

Street Marketing  completely meets these challenges!


Street marketing will allow you to easily increase and multiply the number of points of contact by targeting strategic “Spots”, in particular thanks to local communication. Your message will be communicated as close as possible to your target  in defined catchment areas (city centers, pedestrian squares, business districts, universities, various events, etc.). In addition, the  ephemeral nature  of street marketing requires the implementation  of compact, mobile and practical supports allowing the rapid deployment of points of contact in targeted areas.

Opting for street marketing also provides you with a response to the shopper’s search for experience by communicating in an original way using innovative media. You will thus offer prospects a fun and memorable experience with commitment on their part; the objective being to get closer to your prospects.

All you have to do is define the strategic touchpoints that generate traffic and reach the targeted audience. Every customer touchpoint represents an opportunity for your brand to increase customer loyalty.


THE FESTIVALS: e-Lake, LOA (Luxembourg Open Air), Francofolies, Fête de la musique…

Case study : Jägermeister

Place – event : e-Lake / Lac d’Echternach (Luxembourg)

Device :

  • 7 Jägerettes et Jägerboys
  • Service Bar
  • Distribution of goodies

Client objective(s): Brand promotion, brand ambassadors

The E-Lake Festival is much more than just a musical event. It creates an ephemeral community where festival-goers share a common passion for music and joie de vivre. Three days of live concerts hosted by Luxembourg and international DJs and in particular a certain DJ Nosi…
The kind of festival completely in line with the image of Jägermeister, which is also very popular with festival-goers…

SHOPPING CENTERS / SHOPPING GALLERIES: Cloche d’Or, Belle Étoile, Kirchberg…

Case study : Orange Luxembourg

Location – event : Kirchberg Shopping Center

Device :

  • 5 Major Journals
  • Distribution of Donuts
  • 7 hosts/hostesses
  • 14 hours of visibility
  • Specific dress code

Customer objective(s): Promotion of the BOOM Orange package.

The objective of the operation was to create traffic in the Orange shop at the Kirchberg Shopping Center on the occasion of the launch of the BOOM package: 5G package Limited edition: 50GB, unlimited calls and SMS for only €20/month! An exceptional, no-obligation offer valid until June 12…


Case study : Press & Books

Place – event : Luxembourg station

Device :

  • 1 Velo cargo
  • 1 Mobile display
  • 1 Digital backpack
  • 2 Multilingual Hosts

Client objective(s): Communicate about the opening of the new Shop (36 Place de la Gare).

The market leader in German train station bookstores inaugurated its new store on July 14 located at the Accinauto building – 36 Place de la Gare.
And to announce the event and promote the point of sale, there’s nothing like an impactful street marketing operation: mobile displays, personalized scooters, digital backpacks, distribution of treats, etc.


Case study : Ice Watch

Place – event : Luxembourg Airport (Findel)

Device :

  • 2 Digital backpacks
  • 2 Multilingual Hosts

Client objective(s): Generate traffic to the pop-up store located at the airport entrance.

During the month of August, a pop-up store bearing the image of the Ice Watch brand was located at the entrance to Luxembourg airport to present their latest connected watches.
To optimize the impact of the action and be sure to generate traffic at the pop-up store, it was necessary to inform travelers of the existence of this ephemeral corner and to guide them. It was therefore necessary to rely on support mobile, dynamic and original: the digital backpack met all these requirements.


Case study : Ecotrel Non-profit association

Place – event : Place d’Armes (Luxembourg-ville)

Device :

  • 1 Velo cargo
  • 1 Mobile display
  • 4 multilingual hosts
  • 3 touchscreen tablets

Client objective(s): Raise awareness among citizens about recycling and reuse of electrical and electronic devices.

On the occasion of E-Waste day, International Electronic Waste Day which took place on October 14 and initiated by the WEEE Forum, Ecotrel ASBL wanted to raise awareness among citizens and know their habits regarding the recycling and reuse of these electrical devices and electronic.

SCHUBERFOUR: (Parking du Glacis – Luxembourg-Ville)

Case study : « Long live the Summer » (Luxexpo The Box)

Place – event : Schueberfouer 2022

Dispositif :

  • 3 Mobile displays
  • 3 multilingual hosts

Client objective(s): Promotion of the event “Long live the Summer” – September 9-10-11 at Luxexpo The Box.

A family lifestyle event spanning both indoors and outdoors to make the most of summer. A long, festive and friendly weekend with multiple activities and around a hundred selected shops…

To promote the event, the CD PUB bikers and their “Vélo pub” crisscrossed the streets of Luxembourg city for 3 weekends with a stopover at Schueberfouer for more VISIBILITY.


Case study : Orange Luxembourg

Place – event : Stade de Luxembourg – Football match “Luxembourg – Portugal”

Dispositif :

  • 1 Mascot
  • 2 Digital backpack
  • 3 Hosts

Client objective(s): Convey a positive and creative image.

Orange Luxembourg wanted to take advantage of the Luxembourg – Portugal match which took place on March 26, 2023 at the Stade de Luxembourg to organize a competition with a PlayStation5 as a prize. The objective is to provide a special experience to the public present on site.

MISCELLANEOUS EVENTS: integrate an existing event such as clearance sales, community festivals, Expat Day, ING Marathon, Diekirch Cavalcade, etc.

Case study : Eltrona

Place – event : Abbey of Neimünster

Dispositif :

  • 1 Clamp machine
  • 2 Hostesses
  • 8 hours of visibility
  • Specific dress code

Customer objective(s): Meet the expatriate community to introduce them to Eltrona solutions.

For this friendly, family-friendly day, it was essential to provide a memorable time for the day’s visitors while ensuring a certain amount of traffic around the Eltrona stand to meet commercial objectives. The Gripper Machine completely met these expectations.

There you go, you now know how to increase your points of contact quickly and easily by targeting the most strategic Spots in the Grand Duchy. And if you need a professional to support you in your success, let us know!


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.