Mobile display
Your local communication!

Mobile display consists of broadcasting advertising messages on mobile vehicles. We offer two types of support: the mobile display and the tricycle or “cargo bike” , with the possibility of combining the two at the same time. In fact, the mobile display can be towed either by a bicycle or by one of our personalized scooters.

The scooter is ideal for relaying your street marketing operations in the field and gaining visibility and sympathy. Not only does it have “style”, because it is personalized to your colors, but it is also and above all an original and practical communication medium . Its mobile function allows it to invest in places with high traffic and its box to transport goodies, flyers, samples, balloons, etc.

The advantage of these communication media is that they can target individuals based on a geographic area. This innovative mobile display format offers exceptional visibility because the circuits are designed to cover areas with high pedestrian and road traffic (cycle paths).

For optimum impact, we define the routes with you according to your targets and busy days/times. In particular, it will be wise for the driver to take breaks at strategic places to optimize the reach of your advertising message; he acts as a true ambassador for your brand : he informs passers-by, encourages them to scan the QR Code for more information, distributes leaflets or goodies, etc.


Communicate your message as close as possible to your target in defined catchment areas (city centers, pedestrian squares, business districts, major intersections, various events, etc.).

Mobile and Original

Your brand will be remembered more easily and for longer, and you’ll convey the image of an enterprising, dynamic and modern company (Sympathy capital).

Environmentally friendly

100% environmentally friendly, no CO2 emissions. Communicate your environmental values to prospects and customers and develop your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.


Visible from afar thanks to its mobility and format, mobile signage doesn’t go unnoticed. The circuits are designed to cover areas with heavy pedestrian and road traffic.


The bike rider can interact with passers-by, providing them with additional information, redirecting them to the QR Code – in short, being a true ambassador for your brand.


Our displays can be customized on almost any surface. An essential factor in enhancing your brand image, building customer loyalty and differentiating yourself from the competition.


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.