Gripper machine
Attract and entertain your target audience!

Build loyalty and offer a new experience to your customers with our customizable “Clamp Machine”. Who has never played catch these famous stuffed animals in these machines at funfairs when they were a child?
Today, URBAN PUB diverts this attraction in the service of your communication… A unique and engaging indoor street marketing concept! The clip machine is suitable for almost any type of event as long as it has a festive and friendly character : events/fairs, team building, trade shows, BtoB/BtoC events, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, etc. Depending on your needs and your event, it will play a specific role: As a real entertainment/attraction during
your private events , team building, conventions or others; a fun activity that will take your guests back to their childhood and the atmosphere of funfairs…
As a generator of traffic to your stand during trade shows, exhibitions, clearance sales. This gives you every opportunity to capture the attention of your audience and showcase your products/services.
Like a data collector , to always know your audience better. For example, it would be wise to place a QR Code on the ballots inserted in the transparent capsules which leads to a contact form to obtain the prize.
As a marketing support dedicated to maximizing your brand image by providing a specific experience to the targeted audience.

Original - Unique

URBAN PUB turns this attraction to your advantage… A unique, engaging indoor street marketing concept for original, active communication.

Data collect

Thanks, for example, to a QR Code inserted in the transparent capsules that leads to a contact form for obtaining the prize. This data helps you to get to know your customers better and to send out sales reminders.


Almost the entire surface of our clamping machine can be customized. An essential factor for enhancing your brand image, building customer loyalty and differentiating yourself from the competition.


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.