The Mascot
Strengthen your goodwill!

In the world of marketing, innovation is the key to success. One of the most innovative and memorable strategies is the use of mascots in street marketing. These iconic characters have always been powerful vehicles for promoting brands and products.

Mascots build brand awareness , create memorable experiences for customers, and establish a lasting emotional connection. A well-designed mascot embodies the brand’s values ​​and attracts the attention of passers-by.

The choice of mascot is crucial. It must be consistent with the brand, original and memorable. Flexibility is also essential to adapt it to different contexts and campaigns.

In summary, street marketing mascots provide increased visibility , strengthen brand retention, create positive customer experiences, differentiate businesses from the competition, and are flexible to adapt to various campaigns.

However, there are challenges to overcome, such as cost management and the need to maintain consistency with the evolving brand.

Ultimately, street marketing mascots are a valuable asset for businesses looking to leave a lasting impression on their audience. If used wisely, they can be the secret ally that takes your brand to new heights.

Visual identity

Like your logo, the mascot must be easily identifiable and memorable. It attracts the attention of prospects who will easily recognize your products or services.

Brand image

The mascot is ideal for developing your “sympathy” capital. Its attractive, casual look is intended to convey a less formal image of the company.

Boost sales

The mascot plays on consumers’ emotions to forge a close bond with them. You’ ll increase your engagement rate, and therefore sales of your brand and related products.


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.