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Traditional marketing has given way to more creative and interactive approaches, and street marketing is positioning itself as one of the most effective ways for Luxembourg businesses to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

In this digital era, we have taken the initiative to redesign our site www.urbanpub.lu to offer businesses a more intuitive, user-friendly and modern platform in order to exploit the potential of street marketing.

What’s new at urbanpub.lu?

By revisiting our urbanpub.lu interface, we sought to offer businesses an optimal user experience .

Street marketing is above all actions on the ground! This is why we designed our new site around the case studies carried out . For example, for each “Service” page, we have associated the corresponding customer achievements so that you see a concrete illustration of the service presented. You also have the possibility to consult all of our case studies with the possibility of filtering them by service.

Each case study is presented as follows: Client – ​​Location – System put in place – Client objective – Description of the action

The goal is for you to get inspired and plan for your own future project .

And finally a News/News section to stay informed of the latest trends, obtain practical street marketing advice and stay ahead of the competition by integrating best practices into your campaigns.

Our Street Marketing materials

We strive to regularly unearth new media for ever more originality and variety of pleasures…

Mobile display  : whether it is our “advertising bike” or our “tricycle”, these two media offer dynamic and instantaneous visibility, allowing us to reach a large audience on the move, thus reinforcing the memorability and impact of the advertising campaign .

The Mascot : create a memorable presence with endearing characters, establishing an emotional connection with your audience.

Le Grand Journal : tell captivating stories to generate interest and build lasting relationships.

Dooh mobile : the digital backpack offers mobile and interactive advertising, allowing the distribution of targeted and dynamic messages in real time, thus ensuring maximum visibility during events, in busy areas or during street marketing campaigns.

The Clip Machine : Engage interactively by providing fun and memorable experiences, strengthening your brand visibility.

Distribution of Flyers and Samples : a tangible approach to directly reach your target audience, reinforcing the impact of your message.

The benefits of street marketing for businesses

  1. Proximity and Interactivity

Street marketing allows businesses to establish a direct connection with their audience. By being physically present in popular locations, brands can create memorable experiences and interact in unique ways with their customers.

  1. Increased Visibility

Street marketing campaigns offer maximum visibility. By leveraging strategic public spaces, businesses can reach a wide audience and significantly increase their awareness.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to some forms of traditional advertising, street marketing can be a more economical option. Production and implementation costs are often more affordable, while still delivering powerful impact.

The redesign of the site www.urbanpub.lu is not limited to a simple aesthetic update, but represents a complete evolution towards a more modern and ergonomic platform dedicated to street marketing . With a variety of innovative services and detailed case studies, URBAN PUB demonstrates its commitment to excellence and offers businesses a complete solution to get the most out of street marketing. To find out how your business can benefit from these services, do not hesitate to browse the website www.urbanpub.lu now.

Do you want more visibility and make an impact? Enhance your brand image? So let us know.


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.