Our team of Stars

Street Marketing at CD PUB was born more than ten years ago… at the time it was limited exclusively to the distribution of flyers, sampling and the provision of carriers for mascots.

Today brands, companies, institutions, in short everyone… are looking for visibility and to maximize their brand image by providing a memorable experience to their customers, prospects or visitors of the day. This is the key to success! Give  emotion  to the target audience for greater engagement on their part.

It is therefore in this spirit that we have developed our Street Marketing service with URBAN PUB for several years to offer you more complete and, above all, effective actions. We strive to regularly unearth new media for ever more originality and variety of pleasures…

Yoann Amodeo

Managing Partner

Lucas Amodeo

Managing Partner

Valérie Hoffmann

Logistics and events manager

Benjamin Kleinhentz

Marketing Manager

Alexandra Cousin

Project Manager

Gaëtan Wikiera

Operational Assistant


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.