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Organizing your professional event is not an easy thing and it takes time! There will always be unforeseen events and hazards, however you can limit surprises by using specialized service providers.

Once you have determined the goal, the format of the event, its budget, the location, the date…you will need to plan its promotion, i.e. communicate to make it known and then think about its realization down to the smallest detail on the big day.
It is on these 2 aspects that we can offer you our services and provide you with our expertise to ensure the success of your event.

Promoting your event

To publicize your event and ensure you have a high participation rate, we offer a range of services for this purpose:

– Communication media

Print : From small formats (flyers, brochures, posters), to large formats (rollups, beach flags, promotional counters), we are able to meet all your needs in terms of printing and POS materials for your event.

Digital : We also have the possibility of developing mobile applications, landing pages (web pages), various forms, etc. linked to your event.

Advertising items : Because they go hand in hand with highlighting your promotional actions or events, we offer you a wide range of advertising items or goodies personalized with your image. Loyalty guaranteed!

– Street Marketing

Mobile display : Mobile display consists of placing advertising visuals on vehicles, in this case pulled by a bicycle. The advantage of this communication medium is that it can target individuals based on a geographic areaThis innovative mobile display format  offers exceptional visibility because the circuits are designed to cover areas with high pedestrian and road traffic (CSR Policy: NO CO2).

Flyering and tricycle  :  Our company offers support for your distribution campaigns.
• The production of your leaflets, flyers, communication supports.
• Creation of a campaign around your project
• Printing and distribution via our teams

Today we can offer you several services combined with this activity.
For example: The creation of a scooter in the colors of your campaign with the provision of hostesses.

Le grand Journal :  It is a high-impact and very original street marketing. Giant magazines or giant newspapers are completely personalized panels with your advertising message with which we provide our hosts and hostesses in areas with high pedestrian traffic. They pretend to read them as if they were real maxi newspapers! The effect is striking and calls out to passers-by.

The mascot : The mascot is an excellent advertising tool: it promotes your activity or your event in a fun and original way. As a personalized marketing tool, the tailor-made mascot  conveys your brand image like never before. Thanks to it, your customers automatically associate your company with a key visual.

Beach Flag backpack : The beach flag backpack is a real visual communication tool. You will immediately be seduced by the idea of ​​utility and immediate impact that the beach flag backpack has. The beach flag backpack is not reserved for any particular advertising: any business or boutique, any company or professional group may be interested in this type of printed communication.

D-Day: Welcoming and managing visitors

The first impression conveyed by the reception staff during a professional event represents the brand image of the company. Many have understood this well, considering that a receptionist is a real “showcase” for the company. This is part of a commercial and communication strategy, in particular to generate interest and build customer loyalty.

There are many opportunities to call on a host or hostess: fairs, exhibitions, inaugurations, launch of a new product or service, open days, competitions, award ceremonies, etc.

Aware that hostesses play a vital role in the success of a professional event, URBAN PUB via CD PUB specializes in the recruitment of hosts and hostesses throughout Luxembourg. The agency understood that it was not enough to place a presentable, elegant and well-groomed hostess, but that it was also necessary to ensure that reception and speaking techniques were well mastered.

In order to ensure the skills of the hostesses made available, CD PUB carries out strict recruitment of its staff and offers you a selection of profiles suited to your event. We prioritize quality by offering you a tailor-made offer!

Indeed, in addition to their reception role, hostesses are often entrusted with specific tasks for which they must be trained: checking invitations, issuing badges, room placement, orientation, changing room management, service valet parking, taking contact details, giving gifts… and more recently distribution of gel/masks or even checking health passes…

To guarantee the success of your event, we monitor your project from your request to the debriefing thanks to constant proximity to the field and our staff. We attach great importance to the professionalism of our hostesses and their main objective will be to put the day’s visitors at ease upon their arrival with a friendly and impeccable welcome.

To guarantee the success of your event, we monitor your project from your request to the debriefing thanks to constant proximity to the field and our staff. We attach great importance to the professionalism of our hostesses and their main objective will be to put the day’s visitors at ease upon their arrival with a friendly and impeccable welcome.


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.