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Yes yes, you read correctly… A 30×50 cm digital (and/or touchscreen) screen attached to a backpack to be carried anywhere. It meets all the conditions for “Street Marketing” support and much more! We will see in this article why and how the digital backpack also called “Backpack” is great for local communication and for creating traffic to a specific point of sale, physical or digital.

This is not  a simple  modern and designer toy that we use to  have fun . No, the digital backpack is a communication medium in its own right and a real marketing tool to get to know your customers/prospects better. Its possibilities are enormous and so are the benefits… All you have to do is use your imagination!

This support is completely adapted to the field of events, whether for the promotion of an event or during it, to offer an interactive experience to visitors/prospects of the day and generate traffic. (competitions, advertising messages, Call To Action with reward, interactive digital games, etc.)

Your brand will be remembered more easily and for longer and you will convey the image of an enterprising, dynamic and modern company (sympathy capital).

The Sandwich Man 4.0

Everyone knows the sandwich man… a man sandwiched between two billboards who appeared in London in 1820 and evolved over time. Today, you can still find them in events or demonstrations to promote brands and brands.
"We’ve kept the sandwich but added our own ingredients."

At CD PUB we have brought it up to date by combining human and digital for more interactivity and modernity. We then speak of a DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) device which refers to digital outdoor advertising and which is used to broadcast  dynamic  and interactive advertisements outdoors on different types of screens.

Why use the Digital Backpack?

PROXIMITY : its MOBILE function  allows it to take over the streets of a city, a trade fair, an event as close as possible to prospects and generates real interest in the brand. Ex: position yourself near Luxembourg station to reach cross-border workers.

ORIGINAL / INNOVATIVEa unique concept in Luxembourg in keeping with the times. Have you already seen this concept in the Grand Duchy?

VISIBILITY its attractive design and interactivity attract the attention of passers-by. The high brightness of the screens offers better image quality and better color contrast so that your message is visible from afar.

DATA COLLECTIONthe data collected is very useful in order to better understand your prospects and launch targeted marketing campaigns. Used well, this data helps you better understand the needs and wants of your customers.

ECO-RESPONSIBLEthe solution is environmentally friendly since we limit the carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible.

BRAND IMAGE : your brand will be remembered more easily and for longer and you will convey the image of an enterprising, dynamic and modern company (sympathy capital).

TRAFFIC GENERATOR : our digital backpacks arouse consumers’ curiosity in unexpected ways and encourage them to react. By playing on the effect of surprise, they attract the attention of passers-by and potential customers, which is very effective in establishing a link with the prospect and generating traffic in store, at your event or even on your site web!


The possibilities of the digital backpack are vast… It is not only a visual and modern support, it is also a real tool for generating traffic, collecting data and developing your brand image. It all depends on the goal you have set for yourself!

It will be wise, even strongly recommended, to set up a “Call To Action”, i.e. a call to action from the prospect.

1. Promotional message

One of the main functions of the digital backpack will be to disseminate your advertising message as close as possible to your target prospects via a dynamic and impactful video. In fact, its “mobile” function allows it to easily hit the desired target.
This may concern the promotion of an event, the launch of a new producta promotional offer on a product/service Ex: if you offer an interesting promotional offer “our screen men/women” can be placed outside nearby of the store in question and thus play the role of “tout”.

But for even more impact, it will be appropriate to offer a reward/advantage to the prospect… either directly on site (in person), such as samples, goodies, vouchers for a nearby store… and/ or even better! By integrating a QR Code on the broadcast video which directs the prospect to a registration form located on a landing page (or page of your website) so that they benefit from the advantage highlighted, such as winning by random drawing of entry tickets for an event. In addition to promoting your event, you collect Data, data that is! And that is priceless!

2. Competitions

Are you launching a competition? The more you multiply the distribution channels, the more you generate traffic around the operation and therefore a return on investment. Don’t limit yourself to web media such as social networks, websites or even newsletters… don’t hesitate to relay the operation in a physical way, and the digital backpack will be a good way to carry it out in a targeted way.

Indeed, the advantage of the digital backpack in this type of case is to be able to target a population and create buzz about your operation. For example, placing 3 or 4 “screen men” near a store will reinforce the exceptional character of the operation and you will convey the image of an innovative company.

Once again the QR Code will have its role to play in redirecting the prospect to the registration form.

3. Exhibitions, fairs, events

The digital backpack is a real support dedicated to events because it is perfectly suited to exhibitions, fairs or events to generate traffic to your stand and have a   significant return on investment on the price of the place.

How ? “Our screen men/women” circulate within the event, broadcasting a dynamic and attractive advertising message bearing the image of your brand or product. But that’s not enough if you plan to attract prospects to your stand. There must be a reward for the key ! Even if it’s not much, visitors are always fond of gifts, goodies, tastings, promotional codes…

It will also be wise to indicate the location of your stand clearly on the video (hall number, stand number, or even a plan of the show with your location highlighted) so that visitors can get there easily. .

4. Games and interactive experiences

As I told you, the possibilities of the digital backpack are enormous! What’s better than a game or interactive experience to engage your audience? We offer you more than fifteen interactive digital games such as quizzes, surveys, personality tests but also arcade games, puzzle games, competitions and finally winning instant games such as gambling games. scratching or the famous “Wheel of Fortune”. All of our games can be personalized in the colors of your brand (logo, graphic charter, etc.)

2 options can be considered for the distribution of the game with distinct objectives:

By scanning a QR Code : broadcast your promotional video featuring a QR Code directing the prospect to the link of the game in question. The person plays directly on their smartphone to try to win the prize. The advantage of this concept is to generate volume while collecting data.

Directly on the screen in a tactile way : the second possibility is to have the prospect play directly on our digital backpack via its touch screen. You will generate less volume than the first option, however you will optimize the buzz effect because you arouse the interest of other passers-by who will want to play in their turn.

In any case, you will convey the image of an innovative company in tune with the times!

We also provide you with an Excel export of the collected data useful for analyzing game statistics.

Combine street marketing!

To give more weight and impact to your action, it will be wise to opt for additional Street Marketing supports always personalized with your image. The more you surprise the consumer, the more you maximize the chances that your message will be remembered.


Date and place : March 26 at the Stade de Luxembourg

Action details :

  • 💡 2 hosts/hostesses with digital backpack
  • 💡 1 host carrying the “Orange” mascot + 1 hostess assisting
  • 💡 4 hours of visibility
  • 💡 Setting up an interactive “Shoots on goal” game


Client objective :  convey a positive and creative image

Orange Luxembourg wanted to take advantage of the Luxembourg – Portugal match which took place on March 26, 2023 at the Stade de Luxembourg to organize a competition with a PlayStation5 as a prize. The objective is to provide a special experience to the public present on site.

The CD PUB Solution  :

The digital backpack was obvious! Orange provided us with the promotional video which would be broadcast on our screens and for our part we designed an interactive game whose objective was to score the most penalties during the allotted time. How ? Simply by scanning the QR Code on the video and completing the associated registration form. The people with the best score were drawn to win a PS5.

And to create more visibility and excitement around the action, our “screen men/women” were accompanied by the “Orange” mascot: a winning combination!

In the end, the operation was a great success and 1800 scans were recorded with the associated collected data.

So, are you ready to make headlines? We support you in your Street Marketing campaigns.

There you go, you now know what the “powers” ​​of the digital backpack are. And if you need a professional to support you in your success, let us know!


Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to define the most appropriate media for your project.