Everyone has a crush on her… Discover our new clamp machine!

27 September 2023 Everyone has a crush on her… Discover our new clamp machine!

Street Marketing at CD PUB was born more than ten years ago… at the time it was limited exclusively to the distribution of flyers, sampling and the provision of carriers for mascots.

Today brands, companies, institutions, in short everyone… are looking for Visibility  and  to  maximize their brand image  by providing a memorable experience to their customers, prospects or visitors of the day. This is the key to success! Give  emotion  to the target audience for greater engagement on their part.

It is therefore in this spirit that we have developed our Street Marketing service for several years  to offer you more complete and, above all, effective actions . We strive to regularly unearth new media for ever more originality and variety of pleasures…

After the mobile display (our “advertising bikes”), the Grand Journal, the digital backpack (or Backpack), the personalized Triporteur, we present to you our brand new….. Clip machine!!!

Yes, you read correctly… Also called a claw crane, the emblematic funfair attraction is now available for rental from CD PUB. Discover in this article the multiple advantages of this original Street Marketing support.

The claw crane, why and when?

The gripper machine is suitable for almost  any type of event  as long as it has a festive and friendly character: events/fairs, team building, trade shows, BtoB/BtoC events, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, etc. Depending
on your needs and your event, it will play a specific role…

✔ As a real entertainment/attraction  during your private events, team building, conventions or others; a fun activity that will take your guests back to their childhood and the atmosphere of funfairs…

✔ As a traffic generator  to your stand during trade shows, exhibitions, clearance sales. This gives you every opportunity to capture the attention of your audience and showcase your products/services.

✔ Like a data collector , to always know your audience better. For example, it would be wise to place a QR Code on the ballots inserted in the transparent capsules which leads to a contact form to obtain the prize.

✔ As a marketing support  dedicated to maximizing your brand image by providing a specific experience to the targeted audience.

Process :

Whether you are organizing a corporate event or participating in a trade fair, the approach will be different: definition of batches, setting up hostesses, machine settings… It is the context of the operation which will allow us to define together the most suitable process for your project.

Defining your needs  : Data collection / Branding / Promotion of an event or product / Entertainment

Definition of the prizes to be won  : just use your imagination! It will be possible to insert  paper tickets  or small goodies into the transparent capsules (diameter: 10cm) and even lots such as soft toys directly into the gripper machine, as long as the gift does not have flat edges. (e.g. cardboard box) which would prevent the pliers from gripping properly.

Hosts and hostesses  : at the same time, we strongly advise you to call on our hosts and hostesses to bring the event to life 👉 attract the target audience, distribute tokens, brief people on the use of the pliers, hand out capsules, gifts or others and ensure the proper functioning of the machine… You will thus fully enjoy your event.

Customization  : our gripper machine can be personalized on almost its entire surface. An essential factor for enhancing your brand image, building customer loyalty and differentiating yourself from the competition. 

Features of our gripper machine:

  • – Coin-operated, token-based operation in free mode.
  • – The clamp can be closed on a ball (transparent capsule), a soft toy, goodies, etc.
  • – Multiple game modes and settings
  • – Dimensions of the gripper crane: 80 x 65 x height 165cm – Gripper grip diameter: 1 to 20 cm
  • – Maximum catch is 450 grams
  • – Customization possible on the sides (Top and bottom) and on the front (Top and bottom)

The only thing to take into account is that it must be protected from rain in particular.

Case study: Eltrona Luxembourg – «first edition of the Expat Day»

Date and place  : 3.Sept – Neumünster Abbey

Action details:

  • 💡 2 hostesses with specific dress code (“Eltrona” polo shirt)
  • 💡 1 Custom gripper machine in brand colors
  • 💡 8 hours of visibility

Customer objective:  meet the expatriate community to introduce them to “Eltrona” solutions/subscriptions and collect data to carry out commercial follow-ups.

The CD PUB solution :

For this friendly, family-friendly day, it was essential to provide a memorable time for the day’s visitors while ensuring a certain amount of traffic around the “Eltrona” stand to meet commercial objectives.

The Gripper Machine completely met these expectations.

The 2 CD PUB hostesses, stationed near the machine and the “Eltrona” stand, were therefore tasked with attracting visitors to try to win one of the many prizes up for grabs by giving them a token to play with.

More than 300 transparent balls were placed in the machine with prizes such as 1 LG 50” TV, 10 Schueberfouer notebooks, 80 Eltrona speakers… Winner or not, a QR Code was present on the ballot slipped into the balls to try again his luck! An essential step for collecting data on daily visitors and being able to carry out commercial follow-ups.

In the end, the operation was a great success with a long queue to try their luck at the claw machine and numerous subscriptions taken out.

Case study: Lifexpo « White Edition » – Luxexpo The Box – 17.18.19 Nov 2023

Date and place  : September 23 – Shopping Center Cloche d’Or

Action details:

  • 💡 3 hosts
  • 💡 1 personalized gripper machine in the colors of the event
  • 💡 1 personalized scooter in the colors of the event
  • 💡 Distribution of flyers and treats
  • 💡 7 hours of visibility

Client objective:  promote the Life Expo “White Edition” event which will take place on November 17.18 and 19 at Luxexpo The Box with the aim of optimizing the participation rate.

The CD PUB solution :

We took advantage of a space allocated to our client in the shopping center of the Cloche d’Or Shopping Center to set up this promotional action. To generate traffic around the stand and create buzz, a complete and impactful Street Marketing system was needed. 👉 The clip machine was an obvious way to generate traffic…

In addition, a scooter in the colors of the event circulated in the gallery with flyers and treats inside for distribution. Practical, original, visible and above all mobile!

Around 200 transparent capsules were placed in the machine with the possibility of winning 1 entry for a day or 1 drink for the event.

2 hostesses were strategically stationed at the entrance to the shopping mall to distribute flyers, treats and especially the famous tokens needed to try your luck at the claw machine. The third host, for his part, welcomed the  players  near the machine and took advantage of the looooooooong queue to also promote the event by distributing flyers.

The world calls the world , the operation was a real success with 7 hours of visibility and maximum commitment from the visitors who should be found during the 3 days of the event.

There you go, you now know what the “powers” ​​of our Gripper Machine are. And if you need a professional to support you in your success, let us know!