Your company “In the Spotlight”!

4 October 2022 Your company “In the Spotlight”!

Street marketing or street marketing , includes all promotional actions that use the street (or public places) as the main space. It is a local communication aiming to surprise the target audience with original actions and create a buzz …

Very effective and inexpensive , street marketing is a great way for companies to make themselves known or to discover a new product/service.

One of the most commonly used street marketing actions is the distribution of flyers or leaflets, but other equally effective actions exist and are often more impactful and original. This is the case of the Grand Journal!

The Big Newspaper by URBAN PUB

Often misunderstood because still little used, “Le Grand Journal” or “Journal Géant” is a street marketing concept in its own right. Indeed it meets all the required criteria: Originality + Visibility + Strong impact + Proximity + Economic.

The Grand Journal that we offer is 1.5 m wide by 1 m high to provide maximum visibility for your promotional messages. Personalized and presented on a double-page, your messages will be seen from afar to attract the attention of the public.

And the hostesses or hosts who read the Grand Journal have their full role to play… Positioned in strategic and often unusual places… they pretend to read them to arouse the curiosity of passers-by. Well briefed on the action, the hostesses and hosts will inform people about the objective of the operation. To maximize the impact of the operation and the “Buzz” effect, we recommend a minimum team of 4 hostesses and hosts, ideally with a specific dress code or an outfit bearing the image of the brand.

The impact of this concept is even more effective when it is relayed by an action of distribution of flyers/leaflets, goodies or even with a playful animation. This allows you to leave a trace of the operation and retain the target audience.

An “All inclusive” formula : we take care of everything! Design and printing of the Grand Journal, installation of hostesses and hosts, briefing of teams, supervision in the field…

Case study: Orange “BOOM” plan

Dates: 20 and 21 May 2022 at the Kirchberg Shopping Center

Action details:

💡5 hostesses and hosts “Grands Journaux”
💡2 hostesses “Distribution of Donuts”
💡2 strategic positions (outside entrance and center of the shopping mall)
💡14 hours of visibility
💡Dress code: black pants, black shoes, white t-shirt

Customer objective: Promotion of the Orange “BOOM” package.

The objective of the operation was to create traffic in the Orange shop in the Kirchberg Shopping Center on the occasion of the launch of the BOOM plan => Limited Edition 5G plan: 50GB, unlimited calls and SMS for only €20/month! An exceptional and non-binding offer valid until June 12th…

The URBAN PUB solution:

At the time, Orange Luxembourg was looking for a medium that was both original and impactful to promote its “BOOM” package in Orange stores in Luxembourg. To accompany the action, a distribution of Donuts in Shop was planned as well as a demo and a freestyle football animation in the shopping mall.

It was therefore necessary to propose a support for a communication that was at the same time local, original and above all impactful .

Le Grand Journal met all these expectations!

In the end, the operation was a great success and made it possible to boost sales in stores and above all to make an impression thanks to this original medium which does not go unnoticed.


So, ready to make headlines? We support you in your Street Marketing campaigns,  let us know  !